Jefferson County Schools in Kentucky to Launch Multiple Student Learning Centers to Boost Resources for Communities

Jefferson County Public Schools in Kentucky will open three Student Learning Centers to offer students academic and social-emotional support, extracurricular and art offerings, tutoring and other after-school interventions. The Learning Centers will also offer opportunities for parent engagement and education. Centers are located in neighborhoods with the highest need and operate after school from 2:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The district noted these centers were created in response to needs that the community reported in a feedback survey.

We are spotlighting this because the concept of extending school services to include after-school supports for students in academic and non-academic areas in partnership with the larger community, along with services for adults, is worth watching.

Reviewer Analysis

The Education Trust

It is exciting to see a district that is responding to direct feedback from the community regarding their needs, and that the response integrates social, emotional, and academic supports.

National Parents Union

We like this idea very much. Especially understanding the needs of the community. Also taking into consideration the working families.

The Rural Alliance

We like the extended hours, the opportunities offered and parent engagement. Our hope is blended learning skills will be part of the offerings as districts blend traditional and online learning.

Leslie Villegas

In looking at Jefferson’s American Rescue Plan it looks as though English learner representatives were included in stakeholder consultations used to shape the response plan and it is critical that these representatives continue to be consulted to ensure new policies and programs meet the needs of these students and their families. It also looks as though ELs will receive an additional $600 which can be used to ensure these centers are staffed to meet their needs. It is unclear how these centers will be prepared to ensure linguistically and culturally diverse students will be identified and subsequently served, if and where these students are enrolled. The thumbs up is conditional on ensuring steps are taken.


This initiative appears promising in that it provides a menu of opportunities for students to have an extended supportive environment for their development. It is great to see the district responding to the stated needs of the community which will increase buy-in from them as well.


We are encouraged by Jefferson County Schools’ decision to open Student Learning Centers in neighborhoods with the greatest need, and that the initiative was prompted by feedback gathered from the community. Offering students extended learning time services will support students in recovering from learning losses. Targeting the supports offered will be an important consideration for implementation.

New Leaders

The use of funds to meet student and community needs is encouraging. The balance of academic and non-academic programming offers a variety of opportunities for students and families to engage.

The Bush Center

This is promising; I really appreciate that this is designed to be available in the important out of school time and is a resource designed in response to community needs via survey.

Results for America

We love that Jefferson County Schools is creating these Student Learning Centers in response to community feedback. Locating the Student Learning Centers in areas of highest need, designing them in service to both students and families and using them to provide whole child supports are all evidence-based strategies for supporting students and families.

Jocelyn Pickford

By directly responding to a need expressed by the community, this offering has buy-in from the start.

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