Fort Worth, Texas, Schools Hiring Over One Hundred Family Engagement Specialists

Fort Worth ISD is budgeting $11.7 million in federal funds to hire more than 100 Family Engagement Specialists. The district will provide extensive professional development for these specialists to support campuses and families in areas such as attendance monitoring, ensuring a welcoming school environment, volunteer organizing, social media management, social-emotional learning support, crisis intervention, parent advocacy, site-based decision making, and understanding assessment data.

We are spotlighting this because the use of recovery funding to encourage and support family engagement on mission-critical work indicates that the district is leveraging new, external resources in service of student needs.

Reviewer Analysis

The Rural Alliance

We are encouraged by the extensive PD for their Family Engagement Specialists. If the Fort Worth School District can develop reliable experts in these areas, they will truly provide time related support for their administrators.

Time, Money and People. They are providing the money, developing the people and creating the time for others to be academic leaders. - Kevin Jacka


Establishing a new workforce within the district to provide a menu of supports for reengaging families is exactly the kind of innovative use of funds that we like to see. - Matt Shaver

The Data Quality Campaign

Family Engagement Specialists will receive professional development to support campuses across areas including decisionmaking and understanding assessment data. Data literacy supports like these help empower parents and educators to use data as a tool. - Rachel Anderson

New Leaders

Building and rebuilding trusting and purposeful relationships with families will be critical to school and student success. The considerations regarding professional development for this specialized position is encouraging. The district might consider how these individuals partner with school leaders as they engage in this work.

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