Connecticut To Develop Model Curricula, Invest in Teacher-Led Implementation

The Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) will use federal recovery funding to strengthen core instruction by designing a statewide K-8 model curriculum with aligned high-quality instructional materials. With this step, the state will ensure that all students have access to a high-quality curriculum that helps students build upon their prior knowledge and experience. The Statewide Model Curricula will be made universally accessible on the Connecticut State Department of Education’s Open Education Resource (OER) website in a consistent format for all school districts.

We are spotlighting this practice because it provides a high-quality instructional resource for all districts and is designed to prioritize students’ needs. The use of such high-quality and aligned instructional materials is an evidence-based approach to accelerate learning. An additional innovative aspect to this investment is that the state is incentivizing teacher participation by inviting teacher leaders from each district to receive professional learning and coaching to support implementation in their home district.

Reviewer Analysis


If aligned to best practices (science of reading, etc.) we see this an effective use of funds. - Matt Shaver

The Rural Alliance

We would encourage the state to provide continuous funding for professional learning, funding for PL time for educators and use the curriculum and PL in teacher/principal preparation programs.

New Leaders

High-quality, aligned instructional materials are a critical, evidence-based practice to improving student learning – making them an OER is great! The investment in professional learning and teacher-led implementation is also encouraging. This can be a great tactic towards building momentum around new curricula when done effectively.

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