Arizona Teacher, Education Organizations Collaborate to Provide On-Demand Professional Learning

With a relatively small $7.5 million investment, the governor, the state education agency, the Helios Foundation and Arizona State University launched a collaboration known as the Arizona Virtual Teacher Institute (AVTI). This initiative provides all educators and childcare providers with the opportunity for free, on-demand professional learning to advance their digital teaching skills. Districts also have the option to leverage AVTI for customized training workshops for their staff. Nearly 12,000 teachers from over 1,100 unique school districts have already participated in these professional learning opportunities as of July 2021.

We are spotlighting this because it demonstrates how recovery funds can help create a partnership between governmental and non-governmental entities with a potential for high impact and lasting effect.

Reviewer Analysis

The Rural Alliance

We would encourage an expansion of the partnership to also include providers/educators, to really have the voice of practicing providers/educators and their real world needs. - Kevin Jacka

National Parents Union

This seems like an excellent idea to allow continued professional development. - Keri Rodrigues

New Leaders

The potential for free, flexible, self-directed learning is encouraging. Arizona will need to consider how they ensure the quality of professional learning and its alignment to evidence-based and culturally responsive practices. Arizona might also consider how this platform could be used to support school leadership at various levels.

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