Alaska Collaborates with Virtual School to Extend Access to K-12 Courses, Educator Training Statewide

In the spring of 2020, Alaska’s Department of Education and Early Development (DEED) used federal relief funds to partner with Florida Virtual School to create the Alaska Statewide Virtual System (AKSVS). Through the partnership, the state was able to provide near-immediate access to K-12 courses following school building closures. The state also provided educators with professional development and training on the platform. As a result, more than 300 educators from 42 of Alaska’s 54 school districts were able to provide classes at no additional cost to the districts by the fall of 2020.

We are spotlighting this practice because the state used federal funds to collaborate with a pre-established virtual education program to reach students where school and district capacity was low, minimizing gaps in access.

Reviewer Analysis

The Rural Alliance

We are encouraged by DEED providing online opportunities and PD at no additional cost. We would encourage support for districts in area of technology software, infrastructure and call in. - Kevin Jacka

John White

This is not revolutionary, but it is commonsensical and is the kind of thing states should be doing with stimulus funding to make life better for students in rural communities.


Investing in this kind of infrastructure is critical to help ensuring a smoother delivery of instruction. We see this as a way of building system-resiliency and would be interested in thinking through how it could be applied (where needed) in states with different geographies than Alaska. - Matt Shaver

New Leaders

This investment allows students, teachers, and leaders immediate access to the learning materials and opportunities they need – a fast, collaborative solution.

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