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Chad Aldeman is a nationally recognized expert on education policy, including school finance; teacher preparation, evaluation, and compensation; and state standards, assessment, and accountability. Chad has worked at the Edunomics Lab at Georgetown University, Bellwether Education, and the U.S. Department of Education during the Obama Administration.

He has published reports on K-12 and higher education accountability systems; school choice; student enrollment; and teacher preparation, evaluations, and compensation. His work has been featured on CNN and NPR and published in the Washington Post, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal. Chad holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa and a master’s of public policy from the College of William and Mary. Chad is also the founder of, a program to help parents support their child’s early reading skills.

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Explore commentary and stories from Chad Aldeman, K-12 policy and school finance expert, on the evolving landscape of educational recovery and progress.

Indiana Learns: A Smart State Partnership Brings Tutoring to Young Hoosiers

The nation is struggling to help students re-engage in school and recover lost learning time. Reformers have seized on tutoring as one promising solution. Tutoring has a strong research base, but only if done well. When implemented poorly, tutoring can even deepen equity gaps (because students who don’t necessarily need tutoring are also the most likely to use it). Opt-in programs in particular can struggle with participation, let alone quality issues.

Chad Aldeman & Brandon Brown


Putting All the Pieces Together for Students in Dayton, OH

High-quality curriculum, aligned professional learning, data collection and analysis, state support, and sustainable funding. These are all important pieces to the puzzle of strong instructional practice, and people frequently ask for examples of places where they all fit together to support student progress. While we can easily point to cases where some or even most of the puzzle is taking shape, we recently learned of one where there are no missing pieces.

Chad Aldeman & Jocelyn Pickford


Don’t Miss It: States Are Making Big New Investments in Public Schools

Recently, K-12 funding news has been dominated by the coming “fiscal cliff.” With pandemic relief funding running dry and public school enrollment dropping in most states across the country, there is good reason for handwringing. So it’s easy to miss – we almost did – the massive investments that some states are making in K-12 education this year.

Duncan Robb, Lydia Hollon, and Chad Aldeman


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