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Join nationally recognized education policy expert Chad Aldeman as he explores the evolving landscape of educational recovery and progress.

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Introducing the Route K-12: Exploring Education Recovery Podcast!

Hosted by Jim Cowen from the Collaborative for Student Success, this podcast travels the country on a kind of “road trip” to talk about the ways federal recovery dollars are being used in states to reshape education. Along the way, we’ll hold up the best examples – with the hope that those practices are repeated in other schools. Look for the Route K-12 Podcast wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts weekly starting on June 13th.

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States in Focus - Recovery Insight from Kentucky, North Dakota, Tennessee, and Arizona

Check out deep dive spotlights of state recovery plans, visions, and strategies - with context and information from state education leaders.

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Emerging Recovery Practices Pave Innovative Ways Forward for Schools

More than $180 billion in federal relief funds is flowing into our nation’s schools for COVID-19 recovery funds. Will we capitalize on this unprecedented opportunity to focus resources on delivering high-quality instruction and supports for students, families, and educators?

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Experts from Across the Education Field

Experts who represent parents, educators and districts leadership, as well as advocates for civil rights and students with disabilities have reviewed the identified strategies and offered their own validation of promising practices.

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The Next Chapter in
K-12 Recovery

After two years of virtual and hybrid learning, many students are still playing catch up. States have been flooded with federal relief funds to address learning loss across the country. EduRecoveryHub highlights excellent practices schools and districts are implementing to promote education recovery.

Our Mission

Lift up and focus attention on practices that have the potential to help schools recover stronger so all students benefit. This focus helps to bolster support for sound policy above the political fray.

Texas will provide 30 hours of accelerated

instruction to low-performing students.

The San Antonio Independent School District in Texas added

30 optional days of school.

Nevada offered $5,000 grants to families of

students with disabilities.

Colorado’s I Matter mental health initiative is funded with

$9 million in federal dollars.

New Hampshire helps cover summer camp with grants of

$350 or more.

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Discover notable practices in states and school districts across the United States.

Accelerating Learning

Time “outside the bell” can help students thrive in school. These states and districts make investments in high-quality curriculum and additional learning time like tutoring, summer school, after-school, or by developing new school calendars.


Facility and Technology

Caliber school buildings, including proper ventilation in classrooms and lunchrooms, as well as access to technology for virtual and in-person learning and quality transportation systems, can make a difference in the learning environment. These states and districts have found innovative ways to address infrastructure needs in education.


Using Data to Drive Decisions

Quality data can help inform important decisions education leaders, educators and families must make. These states and districts use a variety of data to drive decision-making and support interventions.


Promoting Family Engagement

Family involvement can have a direct impact on a student’s learning. These states and districts provide expanded opportunities for families and communities to be part of what’s going on in school.


Supporting Students, Families & Staff

Social, emotional and mental health needs have exponentially grown during the pandemic. These states and districts are finding innovative ways to deliver mental health services or other supports that address social and emotional needs.


New School Delivery Options

School innovation is a stated goal of the Education Department when it comes to the use of federal recovery funds. These districts are taking advantage of federal relief funds to provide expanded new learning options or designs.


Strengthening the Educator Workforce

Retaining, recruiting and training educators is an important component for school improvement. These states and districts have rolled out efforts to improve and diversify staffing for hard-to-staff schools and subjects.


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State Plan

Each state is required under federal law to spell out how it will spend federal recovery funds targeting education in a state plan. Explore how each state is planning to use its federal funds in schools.

The Route K-12:
Exploring Education Recovery Podcast

Hosted by Jim Cowen from the Collaborative for Student Success, this podcast travels the country on a kind of “road trip” to talk about the ways federal recovery dollars are being used in states to reshape education. Along the way, we’ll hold up the best examples – with the hope that those practices are repeated in other schools.

Season 3, Episode 3: ‘Every Kid is a Math Kid’ – One Leader’s Mission to Make Math Accessible for All Students

Join host Jim Cowen and guest Shalinee Sharma, CEO and Co-Founder of Zearn, as they ask what it will take to make math instruction accessible and engaging for all kids. With performance in Algebra being one of the most predictive indicators of a student’s success in careers and life, says Sharma, now is the time to reimagine the nation’s relationship with math.

Jim Cowen and Shalinee Sharma


Season 3, Episode 1: Bringing Science to Life Through Shared Experiences

Join 2022 Colorado Teacher of the Year Autumn Rivera for a look into the magic of her classroom. Autumn joins Collaborative Director Jim Cowen to discuss the importance of building student experiences and background knowledge and to share how she’s been able to support and connect with educators and leaders from across the nation as a State Teacher of the Year.

Jim Cowen and Autumn Rivera